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Do you spend more time online than watching TV or listening to the radio?

Social media usage is constantly increasing and the amount of time spent online is fast surpassing that of TV. The move online drastically changes the profile of your typical consumer and has produced a new type of consumer, the ‘social shopper.’

A social shopper is exactly what it sounds like:

a consumer who regularly uses social networks, apps and smartphones to do their shopping.

The social shopper presents huge opportunities for retailers to influence customers through social media. The infographic below clearly shows how social media is affecting online shopping.


Studies have shown that 40% of social media users will buy an item after sharing, liking or tweeting about it. Additionally, social media leads to roughly equal amounts of online and in store purchases.

Pinterest has been identified as the network with the greatest chance of driving spontaneous purchasing, people see items friends or brands have pinned and it creates in them an instant desire to have the product.

One brand that has successfully capitalised on Pinterest’s potential is well known online retailer ASOS. With over 43, 000 followers, ASOS has created 20 boards displaying product ideas, lifestyle, celebrity content and competitions.



What’s your take on social shoppers and how retailers can effectively target them using social media?Have you seen any brands that have successfully tapped into the potential of the social shopper?