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Just how shareable is your brand?

BuzzFeed is the leading media company for social news and entertainment as well as being the king of procrastination tools! I’m sure you’ve all been there at one time or another.


What you may not be aware of is the way companies have been using BuzzFeed to market their brands. Unlike other social networks like Facebook where people tend to lurk and maybe share a status update or two, 75% of people who visit BuzzFeed intend to share what they discover. With BuzzFeed achieving over 60 million unique visitors a month, the potential for brands is huge.

However, to use BuzzFeed as a marketing tool, brands need a different approach and different content to usual.

BuzzFeed collaborates with brands to produce content that people are interested in, want to share and isn’t straight out advertising. As CEO Jonah Peretti puts it:

It has to be about a message. There has to be reciprocity. The brand has to give some content or something of interest in exchange for a little bit of attention.

 So why is BuzzFeed successful?

1     Customers are learning new things they can then use to impress their friends with


2      It isn’t in your face advertising


3      It provides readable content that is light hearted and easy to process


4      It’s all about creating headlines that are click magnets


What kind of things have you shared from BuzzFeed? Do you know of any brands that are effectively using BuzzFeed at the moment?