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Of all brands active on social media celebrities seem to generate the hugest buzz and attract the largest followings. This got me thinking, which celebrities have had the most success on social media and why?


My research showed unsurprisingly that Justin Bieber is currently ranked number 1 as the celebrity with the greatest social media power across the globe. He has amassed the highest Twitter following with over 45 million followers as well as having huge fan bases across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The success Bieber has achieved through social media is unparalleled. A simple YouTube cover may have set the ball rolling, but since he was first discovered back in 2008, the Bieber team has done an outstanding job at marketing Justin, cleverly engineering the huge cult of ‘Beleibers’ that exist today. So just how did Justin Bieber generate such mass hysteria and achieve the incredible success he enjoys today?


Like any brand Justin had a skill set which people could consume. He used YouTube to spread awareness of his expertise and increase recognition of the Bieber brand. For brands just starting out on social media, YouTube is a great method to generate awareness and begin building an online reputation.

Direct Engagement

Social media is the perfect platform for speaking directly to consumers, and developing a one-on-one connection with them. Bieber has captured the hearts of thousands through directly engaging with them on Twitter. He often singles out fans responding personally to their tweets and requests. Brands need to model this tactic to build up solid relationships and customer loyalty, which will then translate into beneficial purchases and transactions.

24/7 Presence

Justin+Bieber+Celebrity+Social+Media+Pics+8khh1khYgUKlBieber never wanders too far from social media. He regularly updates his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with content that interests his followers e.g. daily shirtless photos. It is crucial that a brand not neglect their social platforms once created, and continuously post and tweet about things relevant and appealing to their audience.

Know your audience

Justin Bieber had developed a solid and fiercely loyal fan base of ‘Beliebers’ through understanding the demographics and attitudes of those who follow him and tailoring his music, appearance and marketing to fit in with them. Brands need to develop a thorough grasp of the consumer segment/s they are targeting and ensure their social presence across all mediums is consistent and segment appropriate.

Be Everywhere

Facebook  official justin bieber Accout [Shoutingblogger.blogspotJustin maintains a presence on just about every social platform e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google + just to name a few. Although most brands aren’t trying to take on every form of social media out there, it is important to be active across a variety of mediums, and stay up to date with all the new networks popping up.

What are your thoughts on how Justin Bieber has achieved his success? Are there any other celebrities that stand out in your mind through their social media activity?